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EV or Gas, What Pollutes More?

A lot of misinformation out there about 
pollution generated by Electric Vehicles, 
I spent over a year researching this and was 
shocked to find out what actually goes into 
producing the gas we burn in our cars every day.



  Vehicles are responsible for another 40% 
  of emissions. Mixed-use Urban design reduces 
  the need of them, while facilitating electric 
  recharging further reduces fossil fuel demand.
* Design mixed-use communities where essential 
  service can be reached within 15 minutes 
  without cars.
* Provide for accessibility for those without 
  easy access.
* Expand transit within and between communities.
* Install electric power stations for recharging   

EV CANADA | HOME PAGE ( Incentives for purchasing zero-emission vehicles (     Plug'n Drive - Electric Cars    Canada Post commits to using all-electric vehicles by 2040

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