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* Buildings are responsible for approximately 40% of all municipal emissions Focusing on energy retrofits significantly reduces energy demand, while switching to heat pumps eliminates the rest. * Encourage the adoption of retrofits for maximum energy efficiency. * 1 foot thick walls, 2-3 feet insulation in attics (R60 & R100). * Require all new builds and retrofits to be fossil-fuel free. * Require all home sales to convert to fossil-fuel free energy. * Require that all furnace replacements be fossil-fuel free. * Develop an energy transition plan template for homes & businesses. * By 2024 have a Green Development Plan completed. * Establish a District Heating Utility Company. * Begin feasibility studies for the downtown cores in 2023. * Have the downtown projects completed by 2028. * Have all residences and buildings fossil-fuel free by 2045.

Capped Natural Gas Line

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